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Constellation Table

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The Constellation Table designed by Chris Adamick was designed as a thoughtful response to a changed office landscape that will be just as relevant now as it is years to come. This modular table makes gathering feel connected and safe — encouraging behavior through form by rethinking its function. The elements of a traditional table are pulled apart allowing for an array of different surfaces or plant life to infill its connection points. Start with a base model of three 18" diameter solid wood tops and add as many tops as you need. Store personal belongings on integrated hooks that keep your bag and coat up off the floor while you touch down. At standing height, Constellation is the perfect place to perch, meet briefly, check your inbox or enjoy a cup of coffee.

What we love about this table is that it solves for agency of space but also organically connects people. Social cues and behaviors are gently guided by its lightweight industrial structure that takes the guesswork out of how we will be meeting now and in years to come. With this table, the sky's the limit.

Custom RAL Color available upon request. Please contact us for more information.


Solid Wood or HPL Table Top
Wood Veneer or HPL Insert
Powder Coated Steel Base


3-Top Base Module: 68.25" W x 61.5" D x 42" H
Add On Module: 51" W x 44" D x 42" H
Table Top: 18" Dia


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