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Bespoke Product & Customization

Several products in the Corral product line can accommodate customizations in regard to materials, finish, dimensions and power integration.

Email Corral at with any custom requests or questions.

Our Space Division products were made to be personalized. We offer a very extensive range of standard modules that you can mix and match to create your own configuration within your parameters. If you have any idea for a module or function that would best suit your client, chat with us. We can either show you a solution we have already devised or create one entirely for you and your client’s needs. For our entire Space Division line, you can choose a custom RAL color, no minimum, no upcharge. For those tricky columns, branded colors and size restrictions you can’t find a solution for, we promise we have one.

Corral’s Table Program offers tables made to be customized such as the Timber Table, Anchor Table and Garden Table. Though we offer these tables and price them in standard dimensions, we can have a custom table ready by the first day of business that is just the right size, finish and look. Let us know your parameters and let us do the work!

Our in house design team is available to help coordinate all aspects of your project to insure an on time delivery and installation. Contact us at for more information and to get going on your custom solution.