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About Corral

We aim to explore and further define an American design ethos by creating products that blend utility and aesthetics to make purposeful everyday objects.  We share our vision for American design through products that demonstrate an honest use of materials, utility, beauty and purpose 

Workshop Direct

Our approach is simple, sell high quality products directly to our customers while creating a closer connection between where the products are made and the people who use them.  No middlemen, just great manufacturing partners building products that ship directly to our customers.

We believe the best products come from a blend of utility, aesthetics and manufacturability.  This close dialog between design, workshop and customer allows us to better respond to customer needs while building high quality products at a fair price. 

New American Design

The Corral brand will continue to grow by bringing together the best US designers to define an authentic American design voice.   We are building on a rich American design history that spans the utilitarian influence of the Shakers to the efforts made by the Eames Office democratizing design through material innovation.

Utility, Beauty and purpose with a keen sense of place.  This is Corral.