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About Corral

What is American design? Like Americans, it is many things: direct and democratic, practical and poetic, forward-looking and optimistic. Designed in the US and made globally, Corral products riff on this creative ethos by blending beauty, utility and craft.

Like the West Coast, where the brand was born, our designs are both comfortable and comfortable in their own skins: Casual instead of formulaic. Crafted without looking crafty. Well-engineered without feeling technical. As honest as they are clever.

They serve a purpose, but are open to how you want to use them. At Corral, we're ambitious in our problem-solving: We believe that there's more than one way to sit on a chair and as many ways to work as there are workers.

We see the deepest beauty in the most ordinary things: When we make products that are well-crafted and work well, the aesthetics invariably follow. These objects are durable, but they'll last a long time because they become an essential part of your everyday.

As our name suggests, we are rounding up a diverse stable of creatives from different parts of the country. This expanding group of designers will help Corral explore what American design is today and define an authentic American design voice.

But at Corral we also believe: Do, don't talk. Show, don't tell.