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Maude Modular Collection

Maude Modular Collection

Maude Modular Collection

Maude is a Modular sofa collection that is highly customizable and can be configured to work in a wide range of spaces. The collection is comprised of three simple units that can be combined to create endless seating solutions. Build your own configuration using the Corner, Middle and Ottoman modules. Designed for comfort and build for longevity Maude has a casual feel with oversized piping and soft side panels. The relaxed vibe of the chair makes is a perfect option for a wide range of work spaces. Each module comes with a pillow for a little added comfort to take a meeting or better yet take a nap.

Maude Sofa - Corner

From $1,077.00

Maude Sofa - Middle

From $930.00

Maude Sofa - Ottoman

From $724.00

Maude Lounge Chair

From $1,229.00