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Expand your Horizons with our newest line of Space Division, Horizon. Taking what we love most about the Corral Space Division family, Horizon dawns a celebration of strong horizontals while maximizing vertical space in a minimal footprint. With a variety of widths and heights to choose from, mix and match modules to get closer than ever to your desired specification. Create space with storage, planters and personalized accessories that can move around your own Horizon and move again for the ultimate solution in flexibility. Here you will find images and resources to get those wheels turning on what's possible but feel free to contact us for assistance in expanding your Horizons.

Click HERE for the Horizon Thought-Starter Guide (PDF)


Veneer or Laminate  
Powder Coated Steel 
100% PET


Module Widths:  
1 Wide - 15" W 
2 Wide - 30" W 
3 Wide - 45" W 

Module Heights:  
1 High - 17" H 
2 High - 32" H 
3 High - 47" H 
4 High - 62" H  
5 High - 77" H

Module Depth:  
15.5" W